Sunday, April 29, 2012

Faces of Autism


We have a wonderful photographer in the Honolulu area, the very talented Tracy Wright Corvo. I was lucky enough to meet Tracy last year when I took Eric and Meghan to her studio for portraits. I mentioned to her that I had an autistic son, and she kindly offered to have another session to shoot Ryan—at no charge. 

Tracy spent nearly an hour taking hundreds of photographs of Ryan to get two where he was actually looking at the camera.  I was touched by her kind gesture and how freely she gave of her valuable time. It was certainly unexpected and meant so much to me to have these professional portraits of Ryan—instead of the ones I take where he’s looking off in space or looking spaced out.

Tracy recently conducted a pro bono photography session of autistic children in the Honolulu area and I wanted to share some of her photos of these beautiful children. When you look at these kids, you just see a kid, autism is nowhere in sight.

You can check out all Tracy’s work on:

I have been pleasantly surprised at how kind people can be when I tell them I have an autistic child, but Tracy is in a class by herself.

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