About Me

I started this blog to educate and advocate for those affected by autism--many of whom cannot speak for themselves. Sadly, my son is in this category. I write about areas of interest to the autistic community: health insurance reform, causes of and treatments for autism, and just general autism stuff that all of us in "The Community" know all too well. I live in Paradise, aka, Hawaii but am just like any other autism mom. I want the best for all our children. I hope you'll stop by and read what I have to say...would love to hear your thoughts, too!


  1. Hi ! :)

    I found your web site in my research and i thought you may have something to tell about one of my problem. For my own, i will like to creat a film or short documentary , a couple of minutes long only where we would see 2 austistics people, or one austictic and one "normal person" if i could tell it that way... what i would like is, is only at the end , by a clever use of writting, camera point of view and voice over, we understand , we were watching austistic people. Only at the end, we realize, that's the all challenge, difficult isn'it? As you are familiar with this kind of person, i though you might have some ideas or true story to tell... It could talk about anything, love, friendship, little event of everyday life which make us understand these people are in fact not so different from us, and we have in fact a lot to learn from then...

    Another idea and thing i was looking t without success is to write a sotry about a possible friendship with an austistic adult and a child... Do you know any of then by chance?

    thanks for reading me and your help



  2. I am also living in paradise with a son on the spectrum. Are you still writing about your experiences with autism here on the island? I am always trying to connect with other moms/graduate students. I appreciate that you educate, communicate, and celebrate your life and child. Bright blessings to you and yours.

    1. Aloha! Yes, I am still writing, but it is honestly harder to find the time now that I am my son's full-time caregiver. Still live on Oahu...let's grab coffee sometime.

  3. I would love to connect with you offline. My wife and I are considering the idea of moving to Hawaii. I have 3 children, and my eldest child, is a 10 year old girl (her birthday is today) with Asperger's and other ASD's and I would love to discuss with you the challenges and the resources available to children on the spectrum. We currently live in New Jersey where there are lots of resources, and my daughter is in a school dedicated to ASD, but moving to Hawaii is something that my wife and I have decided is the next adventure in life that we'd like to pursue, but our kids come first. Thank so much for your blog.

  4. You can connect with me on Facebook, if you like. I've found the services here on the Windward side to be wonderful.

  5. Hello Janet,
    How can I connect with you on fb? I have million questions:) And Hawaii needs your help with vaccination bills.
    Warm aloha, Ania

  6. Friend me! Did you see me on PBS last year with Sen Green, Sarah Park and Dr. Horowitz debating vaccines?

  7. Hi Janet
    My son has type 1 diabetes - diagnosed at age 6, now 10 years old. I have a good mind that his diagnosis might also be linked to vaccines, but have not looked into it (I confronted the specialist at time of his diagnosis, and he was honest enough to admit that the relationship between vaccines and the increase in T1D diagnosis could not be ruled out!). I'm glad to have found your site, and want to thank you for the time and effort you put into the research. The message needs to get out, but it is suppressed in so many ways and people don't think and investigate for themselves... Thanks again