As a Graduate student, I have access to a wonderful library of peer-reviewed publications.  I will add what I can, to include full text reprints as copy-writes allow.  In the mean time if I've referenced something that you would like, please drop me a note.


  1. How do I find the study you mentioned on the PBS debate about the military and MTHFR? Or the whooping cough one in orangutans please?

  2. I referenced several--there were two by Reif et al (Army physicians) who discussed the increased likelihood of AEs following vaccination in individuals with MTHFR polymorphisms; I also mentioned Guo et al who discuss MTHFR polymorphisms as a risk factor for autism in the Chinese Han population; and Park et al who discuss its role in the Korean population. I also mentioned (I believe--it's been awhile I've never watched the program myself!) its identification as a risk factor under discussion by Dr. Gregory Poland (Editor-in-Chief of "Vaccine"...peer-reviewed journal of vaccine researchers, developers and manufacturers) in vaccinomics and adversomics. The baboon study I believe you can find in PubMed or at least summarized on the website.